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Employee Background Checks

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Employee Background Checks

There are many online background check services, but you should know that none of them is able to compete with standard background check companies. Standard companies that do background checks have many employees that have connections and specialization in one or another form of background check, and only through full background check you will be able to find out everything about the person if the interest (employee).
In this part of Crime Background Check Services blog we will focus on the details of the background checks that are limited to criminal background checks. As you are probably aware the criminal background check is only a part of full background check that goes into every detail about the employee. Criminal background check explores the criminal past of the possible employee it can be in a form of:

– Super Search that covers whole USA. This is the largest form of the criminal background check and it covers all states of the USA.

State wide criminal search looks for criminal offences of the target in the desired state.

– The smallest part of the criminal background search focuses on the search in the single county only. This form of the search is the cheapest, but it covers a small area only.

No matter what kind of search you opt to you can choose what kind of criminal background search you want, or to be more exact what kind of offences you want to check for.
If you suspect that your employ might have been some kind of sex offender you can request a check of sex offender registry. This type of criminal background check is done on country level, and it will give you all possible sex offender detail, if your employee has any.
Inmate and Criminal records search will give you all information about a person regarding the time spent in correction facilities. This search will tell you whether the individual has a probation period, whether he is on parole and whether he has any inactive or active status with one of the correction facilities.
Arrest records are available in some states only, and in some states the amount of data you get is very low. The decision whether you will hire an employee or not should not be based on this kind of criminal background search.

If you want all data about whether you employee or future employee has or had any court appearances on the federal court level you can ask for federal criminal records search.

This search will give you all data about cases that were done against the individual. In order to perform this kind of search you will have to find out the full name of the individual, including the middle initial as well.

If you have doubts about the name of the possible employee you can ask for alias search. In this case you must provide up to 4 aliases under which the individual might have gone with. This search will give you the connection between the aliases and all criminal records of every alias that turns out to be real.

Background Checks

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Background Checks

As a small business owner I realised that it is rather difficult to run your own business if you don’t have any previous experience.

That is to say, it is hard, tedious and nerve-wracking even when you are familiar with the work you intend to do, but running a business is a completely different because you need to be familiar with diverse aspects of business management, hiring, marketing, accountancy etc. It can also be really, really bad if you don’t screen your potential employees, but I will get to that later.

At the moment I am running a beauty salon in my hometown and it is flourishing and prosperous, but the process of getting there wasn’t delightful.

Luckily at, I have had a lot of experience in the field of cosmetics and I could say that up to the point of opening my salon I have mastered the art of beautifying. Having worked in one of the prime salons in New York I had the chance to go to seminars and specialize in cosmetic care in Paris and London. The thing is that, even though I was making enough money, I realised some things could be done in a much more attentive, profitable and consumer-oriented way, so I started working on opening my own business. Since, I was manager at the salon I worked at in New York, I have realised I have had enough managerial skills that can be put to work.

However, I didn’t realise that the road ahead of me was going to be a bumpy one.
First, since I didn’t have enough money to start a business on my own I needed additional investment and I had difficulties with obtaining the necessary funds. I had around 70 percent of the required funds but I lacked the other 30 percent. Bear in mind that asking friends for money is never the right solution. Finally, I decided to raise a loan in order to obtain a realty because I wanted to own the salon I would run and not rent it. Then came the paperwork, the logistics and everything I thought I would never have the need to do.Although you can always hire an outsourcing company to do your accounts and pay the taxes, I couldn’t afford that. So I went on a course in accountancy and everything turned out great.

Everything was solved in the end as I already said, but what they did not inform me about at the course is the fact that you need to screen your potential employees. The thing is I was unfortunate enough that during the hiring process I encountered a former offender formerly charged with stealing from other businesses where she worked. I was fortunate enough that she was a minor offender but unfortunate enough to have one day gone to the office to find all my daily turnover stolen. So, from that day I started researching the background check agencies when I found “Crime Background Check Services” online. From that day on I screen all of my potential employees via the reports they provide for each potential employee.

So, starting your own business can be stressful and you really need to be informed and educated on diverse and numerous matters but bear in mind that it is really important who you hire, and it is important to screen their references and civil record.